Thanks for Nothing “13 Reasons Why”

**Warning: Plot Spoilers Included**

I want to make it clear that I realize what this show is: a young adult novel turned into an underfunded (I base this on the ridiculous “special effects” makeup), over-sensationalize teenage drama that has been pushed out on the content generating buzzsaw that is Netflix. And while that doesn’t excuse its poor plot structure, wasted minutes of teenagers staring at each other, and overall terrible portrayal of bullying, teen angst, and sexual assault, it does at least place a rose colored, 16 year-old mindset filter on the presentation of the show. But, where Big Little Lies got mostly everything right about its depiction of both the after effects and consequences of sexual assault and the devastation of an abusive relationship, 13 Reasons Why exploits the epidemic of teen suicide and the horrific treatment of women who suffer through assault. It turns what is a serious and ongoing problem on high school and college campuses into a caricature.

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